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Rebel Media Correspondent Arrested For Disrupting Julius Caesar In Central Park
This marks the second arrest of a Rebel correspondent in just over a month
We’ve Been Barred From The Rebel’s Conference On Saturday
"It is private property and if you attend you will be trespassing."
Rebel Media U.K. Correspondent Found in Contempt of Court
Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson given suspended three-month jail sentence as a result of work for Rebel Media
There’s A Campaign Urging Advertisers To Boycott Rebel Media
And Ezra Levant is not happy about it.
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#118 The Hermit Kingdom Of British Columbia
British Columbia had an election where everybody won - or at least got an 'I Participated' ribbon.
The Rebel’s Role In #MacronLeaks
Who would've guessed that a "Pizzagate" alum would spread unverified information to harm a political opponent?
#177 Being Jewish In Public
We’re seeing a simultaneous backlash against both the media and the Jewish community. And there’s a place where the two intersect. Is there an over-concentration of Jews in the media? Well, yeah, probably. So? We speak with Yoni Goldstein of the Canadian Jewish News, and Sam Bick and David Zinman of the Treyf podcast about Jewish media in Canada, and what its future looks like.
Here’s What Happens When Rebel Hosts Get Drunk And Talk About Jews
"Jewnicorn," "Jewbags," and "Democrat-donor losers" — plus some wildly anti-Muslim stuff, too
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#111 Rebel Media’s Nazi Problem
Is Rebel Media's embrace of free speech leading to rampant anti-semitism and virulent racism?
We Watched Gavin McInnes’s Full Anti-Semitic Rant So You Don’t Have To
The Rebel personality has a lot of thoughts about Jews — and they're even worse in context.