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Ezra Levant’s Friend Who Negotiated Caolan Robertson’s Rebel Exit Was Kory Teneycke
"Ezra's a friend and a former client, and no comment."
Gavin McInnes Leaving The Rebel
Controversial Rebel personality Gavin McInnes will be leaving the far-right Canadian site. CANADALAND has learned that McInnes has planned to announce...
Ex-Rebel Contributor Makes Explosive Claims In YouTube Video
Caolan Robertson says founder Ezra Levant offered “hush money” to keep him from talking about Rebel fundraising efforts.
The Rebel Cruise Has Been Cancelled
The cruise featuring Faith Goldy, Gavin McInnes, and others had been booked for November.
A Growing List Of People Who Have Cut Ties With The Rebel
Still not as many as you'd think!
The Rebel Had An Awful Lot Of Sympathy For The White Supremacists In Charlottesville
"There has been a rising in, I think, white racial consciousness," host Faith Goldy told viewers.
Why Lauren Southern Got Banned From Patreon
With her anti-migrant misadventures in the Mediterranean, the far-right Canadian YouTuber finally crossed the line.
Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones’s Infowars
"You’re a real trailblazer in alternative media," Levant tells the infamous conspiracy theorist.
Rebel Media Admits To Plagiarism By Former Correspondent
But it's still not clear what spurred Jack Posobiec's sudden departure after less than two months
The Rise Of The Right
On the final episode of the season, the Commons team digs into the rise of the fringe right in Canada. Journalist Evan Balgord has been covering organizations like the Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin, and the Three Percenters for the better part of the past year. He joins us to discuss the ongoing street protests and what’s driving these groups’ discontent. — In exploring the rise of the right, Commons also interviewed two other people who are closely monitoring this movement. Dr. Barbara Perry, a professor of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, is the author of In The Name of Hate: Understanding Hate Crimes. Sarah Ali is a member of the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia. The group, alongside a diverse set of other organizations have been demonstrating against the fringe right on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these interviews were cut from the podcast due to time constraints, but are available as web exclusive downloads here: Dr. Barbara Perry (interviewed by Hadiya Roderique) Sarah Ali (interviewed by Ashley Csanady)