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All Our 2020 Corrections And Clarifications

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Story: “Ghomeshi’s Back” (May 8)
Clarification: “A passage stating that Roqe Media ‘occupies a North York address’ formerly used by Tirgan has been amended to clarify that it occupies space in the same building formerly used by Tirgan but not the same suite.” (May 8)

Story: “All Of The Conservative Donations Made By The New Owners Of The Toronto Star (May 27)
Clarification: Updated to “clarify that Bitove’s February 24 CPC donation went to Erin O’Toole’s” leadership campaign. (August 6)

Story: “WE Charity Moved Millions To Private Kielburger Company” (July 18)
Clarification: “Updated to clarify that the kind of debt Bahen describes as non-revolving, not revolving.” (July 27)

Story: “‘It’s Either A Terrible Mistake Or Something More Sinister'” (September 6)
Correction: “This story originally said that Dockstader was charged on ‘Thursday.’ He was in fact charged on September 2, a Wednesday.” (September 29)

Story: “The President of the CBC Lives In Brooklyn” (December 11)
Clarification: “An earlier version of this article described Catherine Tait’s Ottawa home as her ‘secondary residence,’ based on information from sources that was later disputed by the CBC.” (December 12)



Episode: “Isolation Interview: Socalled” (March 20)
Update: “This episode has been edited because the original version included uncritical talk of grocery shopping and dog-walking during self-quarantine, which goes against public health advice. This content shouldn’t have been included because it arguably normalized potentially dangerous behaviour. We regret the error.” (March 22)

Episode: “Should Big Tech Bail Out The News?” (May 31)
Correction: “an earlier version of this summary incorrectly stated that Jeff Jarvis also suggested breaking up the tech giants.” (June 1)

Episode: “Why It’s Illegal to Protest In Alberta” (July 27)
Correction: “A previous version of this episode incorrectly identified Marlene Poitras. She is Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief for Alberta, not Grand Chief. We regret the error.” (July 29)

Episode: “What The Hell Is The Epoch Times?” (August 23)
Clarification: “In an earlier version of this episode, William Koblensky Varela was introduced as the executive editor of the University of Waterloo’s publication house. To clarify, until July 31, 2020, he was the executive editor of Imprint Publications, Waterloo, and of Imprint, the official student newspaper of the University of Waterloo.” (August 25)


Episode: “Get Me Outta Scheer” (June 16)
Correction: “This episode incorrectly states that Chantel Moore was killed in an incident with the RCMP. In fact, the incident in question involved Edmunston Police. We regret the error.” (June 18)

Return to Thunder Bay

Episode: “It Happens Because You’re Indigenous” (November 30)
Correction: “An earlier edit of this episode presented an incomplete criticism of the editorial focus of CBC Thunder Bay. Apologies to Michael Dick and his team for this oversight.” (December 2)

Short Cuts

Episode: “Anti-Rebel, Prorogue” (August 20)
Clarification: “In criticizing The Rebel’s Keean Bexte in this episode, Jesse said that on ‘the rare occasion where he actually gets to ask a question, it’s never actually a question.’ This was an overstatement, as Keean Bexte has indeed asked actual questions. Jesse’s subsequent comments in the segment were not in reference to Keean Bexte.” (September 11)

Episode: “Did The New York Times Get Catfished?” (October 1)
Correction: “In this episode, co-host Laila Alarian says that in terms of the country’s total population, the number of Iraqis killed in the Iraq War would be the equivalent of nine to 19 million dead Americans. In fact, the number of Iraqi civilians killed in the aftermath of the 2003 invasion would scale to between one and 8.3 million Americans.” (October 2)

Wag the Doug

Episode: “The Day Doug Ford Finally Became President” (August 27)
Correction: “In this episode, co-host Allison Smith states that ‘the provincial debt is poised to hit $38.5 billion this year.’ She was, in fact, referring to Ontario’s budget deficit.” (August 27)

Episode: “How Green Was My Dougie” (September 23)
Clarification: “In a discussion of COVID at universities, an earlier version of this episode included a statement that ‘the government started publishing a list of every school’ with at least one case. In fact, the statement was in reference to public primary and secondary schools.” (September 24)


What: “Quarantine house” meme (April 8)
Correction: “Apologies to Robyn Urback on misspelling her name. We regret the error” (April 9)

What: Thread concerning an internal CBC memo (June 2)
Correction: “We’ve deleted a tweet that said that ‘the CBC seems to have now unpublished Tait’s message without explanation.’ In fact, the whole internal site on which it was posted appears to be down.” (June 2)

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What: The blurb in our July 10th dispatch headed “From Trudeau to WE”
Correction: “In the letter you just received, I made a mistake. I wrote that one of Bill Morneau’s ‘daughters was paid to speak at a WE Day event.’ That is not true. The article we published does not say that, and we have no reason to believe it’s true. Clare Morneau did speak at a WE event, but was not remunerated. I apologize for the error.” (July 10)

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