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How Postmedia Has Pushed Islamophobic Attitudes Across Ontario

“Canadians fear the arrival of Islamic radicals bringing anti-West values,” read one column in The London Free Press

The Rebel Retracts Fake Vaccination Story

The far-right website posts a false letter from Suncor about mandatory vaccination 

“A Good Kick in the Ass for the Not-So-Good Tenants”

The Landlord Credit Bureau says the law is not enough for landlords.

When is it Illegal to Talk About Your Own Rape?

Publication bans are in place to protect victims and encourage them to come forward with their stories, but sometimes it has the opposite effect

WE CFO Risks Contempt With Unanswered Questions

Victor Li admits to “inaccurate” credentials on WE websites

NYT Loves Broad Generalizations about Canadians

A round-up of the Times’ worst Canadian coverage

Canadian Lawyer Magazine Deleted “Repulsive” Article About Gender Pronouns In Court

Article’s date was changed before it was deleted.

Over 100 Canadian Newspapers Take Their Ball And Go Home

It’s unlikely we’ll go back to how things were, and newspapers need to finally accept that.

Is Rex Murphy OK?

“Columning is a deadly occupation.”

Canada’s Media Was Always Going To Dismiss Genocide Against Indigenous Women

The response to the MMIWG report shows Canada behaving exactly like the systemically racist, settler-colonial state it describes