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Nora Loreto on the Makings of a Right-Wing Swarm

Maxime Bernier is just the latest engineer for the outrage machine

The Mystery of the Woman at the Window

At least 22 civil servants across four departments were mobilized to respond to a media question about an “unauthorized” tweet

Where you can see all the election ads running on media websites

Canadaland’s registry of online registries for the 2021 Canadian election

I asked the World’s Most Advanced AI to become John A. Macdonald. Here’s What Happened.

“We have had a long and good relationship with the Native peoples in this country. The truth will only ruin it.”

Conservative Media Declared CBC Under “Immense Pressure”. Well, Who Isn’t?

Turns out a pandemic is bad for business!

A “Monumental Achievement” For Press Freedom

Court affirms media’s right to report at Fairy Creek

How a Conservative Radio Host Came to Accept that He is a Settler

Charles Adler on learning about and living with Canada’s legacy of Residential Schools

“Dog Killed, Man Dead”: Global News’ Language For Police Shootings

We all like dogs, but…

Who is Indigenous?

An anonymous document purporting to expose fake Indigenous people at Queen’s University raises more questions than it answers. And it may only be the beginning.

Former Beijing Correspondent: Why Only One Woman of Colour in 62 Years?

“I’m really angry about all this time that I ended up being a one-time-only exception to the white male parade,” says Jan Wong