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New Federal Initiatives For Canadian Journalism

“Bailouts for all!” BOOOO. “Very well — no bailouts for anyone!” BOOOO. “Hmm… credits for some…. official donation receipts for others!”

How The Kielburgers Handle The Press

A history of aggressive responses to criticism

Craig Kielburger Founded WE To Fight Child Labour. Now The WE Brand Promotes Products Made By Children.

A CANADALAND investigation reveals that WE is connected to no fewer than three companies known to use child and slave labour in their supply chain.

Why The New York Times Is Pursuing A Group Connected To The BC Liberals

The Times launched a lawsuit against AdvantageBC earlier this month.

There’s A Campaign Urging Advertisers To Boycott Rebel Media

And Ezra Levant is not happy about it.

Hamilton journalists arrested — while covering a car crash

Both were tackled by police, say eyewitnesses

The National Post Published An Op-ed By An Authoritarian Government

And the paper’s former opinion editor ain’t happy about it

The Rebel’s Role In #MacronLeaks

Who would’ve guessed that a “Pizzagate” alum would spread unverified information to harm a political opponent?