That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign
That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign
But the right-wing group won't say how many people it's contacted or how they got their numbers.

Since Thursday, registered third-party advertiser and Facebook group Ontario Proud has been sending text messages to the phones of random Ontarians. The texts, sent by an undisclosed telemarketing company hired by the non-profit, greet people by saying it’s “Olivia from Ontario Proud,” then solicit them to text back which party they intend to vote for in this Thursday’s provincial election. There have also been calls from telemarketers and automated messages asking about voting intentions on behalf of the right-wing group.

But while it is not clear how Ontario Proud has obtained people’s phone numbers, its founder is forthright about the purpose of the messages: voter identification.

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