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UPDATE: Amanda Lang in “serious relationship” with RBC board member while reporting on RBC
Sources close to Amanda Lang, who spoke to CANADALAND on the condition of anonymity, confirm that she has been in a romantic relationship with RBC...
Amanda Lang tried to sabotage a CBC story that scandalized RBC, who paid her
Multiple sources within CBC News have revealed to CANADALAND a shocking campaign Amanda Lang undertook in 2013 to sabotage a major story reported by...
Amanda Lang took money from Manulife & Sun Life, gave them favourable CBC coverage
CBC "stands by" her journalism
Vancouver Sun publicly shamed for printing Beijing-funded “propaganda”
Tibet coverge was subsidized by Chinese Government
CBC News Boss Attacks Journalist
Jennifer McGuire singles out one critic, ignores the rest
Leaked memo confirms that Globe and Mail wants journalists to write advertorials
Globe executives want to monetize the integrity and reputations of The Globe and Mail’s journalists – the same award-winning reporters and editors...
#22 CBCecrets: Mansbridge’s Oil Pay Makes the News
How the story happened.
Oil Sands Group Confirms Paying Peter Mansbridge
This photo of Peter Mansbridge holding forth from behind a CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) lectern popped up online last weekend....
#21 Jonathan Kay Defends Rex Murphy
The pundit won't talk, but his National Post editor will.