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Is The Agony Of Twitter Worth It For Young Journalists?
It can be a valuable, even necessary, tool. It can also, of course, be an anxiety-inducing hellsite.
Campus Papers Show What A Diverse Media Landscape Could Look Like
Women of colour leading student newsrooms hope to carry change into overall industry
Court Strikes Down Doug Ford’s Attack On Student Groups
Campus newspapers had funding decimated by Ontario government's "Student Choice Initiative"
An Optimist’s Guide To Starting Out In Canadian Journalism
Remarkably, it can still be possible to find space for yourself in this dwindling industry
Is Journalism “Essential”? Doug Ford’s Government Doesn’t Think So
New rules place student media in vulnerable position, which could have effects across the industry
Doug Ford’s Tuition Changes Could Jeopardize Ontario’s Student Press
Ontario government plans to make it easier for students to opt out of paying certain levies
Are Student Journalists “Real” Journalists?
Young reporters describe stark differences in treatment depending on where they're working
New Brunswick Student Paper Laughs Off Critics Of Nazi Op-Ed
Baron editor-in-chief tells CANADALAND she's "not groovy" with suggestion that editing involves judgment
Student Journalists Caught In Crossfire Of Ontario College Strike
About half of the school papers have stopped publishing.
Student Newspaper Criticizes Student Government, Gets Evicted From Student Building
University of Waterloo student newspaper Imprint has been ordered to vacate their office in the Student Life Centre by The Waterloo Federation of...