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Former Rebel Contributors Accuse Ezra Levant Of “Doxxing” Them
On Friday, the company abruptly whisked away two other Rebel employees living at the same address
Ezra Levant’s Friend Who Negotiated Caolan Robertson’s Rebel Exit Was Kory Teneycke
"Ezra's a friend and a former client, and no comment."
Gavin McInnes Leaving The Rebel
Controversial Rebel personality Gavin McInnes will be leaving the far-right Canadian site. CANADALAND has learned that McInnes has planned to announce...
Ex-Rebel Contributor Makes Explosive Claims In YouTube Video
Caolan Robertson says founder Ezra Levant offered “hush money” to keep him from talking about Rebel fundraising efforts.
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#130 Rebel Meltdown
Ezra Levant attempts to distance his far right website The Rebel from the alt-right, claiming he's just learned that the movement is for racists. And a long strike at Nova Scotia's largest newspaper ends, as some seriously shitty journalistic practices by replacement workers come to light.
Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones’s Infowars
"You’re a real trailblazer in alternative media," Levant tells the infamous conspiracy theorist.
We’ve Been Barred From The Rebel’s Conference On Saturday
"It is private property and if you attend you will be trespassing."
Rebel Media U.K. Correspondent Found in Contempt of Court
Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson given suspended three-month jail sentence as a result of work for Rebel Media
There’s A Campaign Urging Advertisers To Boycott Rebel Media
And Ezra Levant is not happy about it.
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#118 The Hermit Kingdom Of British Columbia
British Columbia had an election where everybody won - or at least got an 'I Participated' ribbon.