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CTV Says A Tip That Patrick Brown Apologized For Sexual Misconduct In Ottawa Launched Their Investigation

Through his lawyer, Brown’s denies there was ever a “settlement via Parliament”

What Happens When Another Media Outlet Takes Your Name

A new CBC Radio show, Postmedia podcast, and digital news startup share an unfortunate distinction

Twitter Removes Parody Account After Minister Reports It For “Impersonation”

“We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy and make sure our political debate is grounded in the facts,” Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says

That Text You Got From Ontario Proud Is Part Of A Voter ID Campaign

But the right-wing group won’t say how many people it’s contacted or how they got their numbers.

CBC Often Reports Competitors’ Scoops Without Credit

“In our bureau, we tend to shake our heads and chuckle at how often CBC uses the ‘CBC has learned’ on other news organizations’ scoops,” says Robert Fife, The Globe‘s Ottawa chief

Ontario Proud Frequently Threatens Online Critics With Legal Action

But it appears that the anti-Liberal political group has never gotten to the point of following through.

What’s Going On With CJFE

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression in turmoil, following release of statement condemning Israeli actions in Gaza

Twitter Users Suspended After Calling Canadian Senator A “Twatwaffle”

Posts about Conservative Senator Denise Batters appear to have led to the permanent banning of @canadiancynic, the formerly ubiquitous tweeter with the Brian Griffin avatar.

Untangling The Reporting On Patrick Brown

CANADALAND has learned new details about a third accuser whose allegations CTV chose not to report, more about the alleged victims’ relationships with CTV reporters, and an ostensible witness that Patrick Brown hoped to bring to his press conference

The Curious Case Of Maclean’s Government Grants

As the Liberals prepare to expand the Canada Periodical Fund, we look at the vagaries of an opaque system.